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Krasker Law Student Loans

Paul A. Krasker, Esq. founded the Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. on July 1, 2009 and previously was a name sharehold within the commercial department of the law firm of Moyle, Flanigan, Katz, Breton, White & Krasker, P.A. in West Palm Beach. Mr. Krasker practices in the areas of real property, business and general corporate law. His corporate practice centers on counseling businesses on entity...



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All results/testimonials on this page are a representation of past results and do not guarantee future success to all clients. All results/testimonials have been used upon full consent of each client. Every case handled by Krasker Law is not provided, but only the ones that have given a testimonial while giving us full permission to use. All results were attended to by our West Palm Beach foreclosure defense and divorce attorneys. 

avatarThe Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. was nothing BUT PROFFESIONAL, and well exceeded my expectations. The only one regret I have is that I failed to hire them the 1st time I meet with them a year prior. As a widow and stay-at-home mom of a 4 year old, life has been pretty scary. The only place that felt safe was our home. The place where I danced with my Beloved husband in our kitchen, where we had our honeymoon night, and where we raised our son together for the short 3 years we were together. So nothing brought my son and I more comfort than being in our home. With no income, and only a substitute teacher’s salary, George Miller and this firm saved our home and our sanity. I tried to figure it out on my own for MONTHS. I spent my time talking to the mortgage company with little success.
My goal was to pay off my mortgage and live on whatever life insurance money was left and then assume the mortgage into my name. The other option was to pay down the mortgage and assume the debt! George Miller and his coworkers knew what needed to be done and how to do it! They lowered my monthly mortgage payment by $1,000; my interest rate went from 6.5% adjustable arm to 2.0%! (My investor said: “That’s not even inflation!”) I did NOT have to assume the mortgage in my name… it’s still in the Estate’s name…. which makes our family DEBT FREEEEEE!
In the Student Loan Department, Mali consolidated my loans into a FEDLOAN program with a $0 monthly payment for one year… and up to 10 years! If not for her I would still be paying my loan off up to the age of 75 (if I was alive!) at the final cost of $175,000! When trying to break free from the Sallie Mae loans 2 years prior, the bank led me into MORE debt. I even tried to offer a payoff after receiving an inheritance when my mother died. They agreed at 1st and then refused a month later. After 10 years in the program Mali has placed my loan, no matter HOW LITTLE I paid monthly…. I am again DEBT FREEEE! Karl, with Credit Brain, told me he could not help me because Mali and George helped me first and I didn’t need his help. Yet it didn’t stop him from giving free advice to a friend whose credit is poor and needed a new work car! ….and he followed up with me a week later! That’s professionalism at its finest!
I have worked with all three departments in this firm: George Miller in the mortgage department, Mali in the student loan department, and Karl in the “Credit Brain” Department. If you want to TRY to solve your own problems with the limited knowledge you may have like I did go ahead.
I am so blessed that God used this firm to allow my family to mourn our loss of a husband and father, and not our home nor finances! I would have paid them double! Use them! Let them do what they do best…. HELP YOU! Then you’ll see what I mean!

Nanette G.
avatarI would like to thank Lisa Williams of the Law office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. West Palm Beach, Florida for directing me in the right direction as I worked with the principal reduction program to help with my underwater mortgage. Thanks to this program the principal of the mortgage on my condo was decreased by $50,000 and my mortgage monthly payment was reduced by $30,000.

Dennis K. L.
avatarThe day that I received the horrible news that my house was going into foreclosure I was terrified. I contacted this wonderful firm and I have had nothing but an incredible experience with the service I have received. It has made it much easier for me to sleep at night. George Miller in particular has been an incredible help practically and mentally. When he began working with me I no longer felt that I was facing this alone. George Miller personally addressed any questions and concerns that I had. He has helped lower my mortgage by $805. I would recommend this firm to anybody. Thanks for all the help and especially to George Miller. I could not have gotten this victory without your help and support.

Michael C.
avatarI want to thank you and your law firm for everything you have done for me. I was ready to give up after the scam I found myself in before I found this firm. I thank GOD for Michelle’s help. Thanks to you and your firm I was able to get the modification I needed.

Yvonne W.
avatarOnce again I would like to thank you and your staff for giving me the opportunity to receive help. I am very appreciative and so thankful for all the help and support you've given me. I can't explain how lucky I feel to have received help during the most troubling time in my life. I am currently getting paperwork together to try to refinance my mortgage and also work on my credit. If I have question this is the firm I would call for help. Thank you for not giving up on me, it gives me hope.

Ashley K.
avatarIt is my privilege to recommend the Law Firm of Paul A. Krasker. It is an excellent firm who services I employed to litigate my personal home foreclosure proceedings. Mr. Engvalson, the attorney assigned to my case was very professional and kept me fully informed throughout my legal proceedings. In parallel with my foreclosure case, the firm also provided services to pursue a loan modification. Mali Martinez, the Legal Assistant that was assigned to handle the loan modification, was relentless in obtaining required documents and working with the bank. I have nothing but praise for her efforts. Ms. Martinez also kept me informed throughout the process and I found her services to be more than satisfactory. I am pleased to recommend the Law Firm of Paul A. Krasker. I believe this firm will not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

Pete I.
avatarHey George, I just want to thank you for all the help you have given me. You have gone above and beyond your job to help me through this difficult time. Your willing attitude to help me out in any way possible has helped put my mind at ease. I will be able to keep my home and continue to raise my young family the best that I can. That is a great feeling and I have you and your firm to thank for that. I am very grateful and appreciate all the work that you have put into this. Thank you so much!

Mike C.
avatarI want to thank Lisandra Rodriguez for her patience and kindness, and the entire Krasker staff involved in this case. I would definitely use your services again in the near future. Thanks Again! God Bless and Happy Holidays to All!

avatarAfter one day of working with this firm I trusted the people that were working with me. This firm was not simply focused on its own interest, but on the welfare of its clients. This firm has been very honest with me. Thank you so much.

Muhammad N. S.
avatarThank you Mali for your professionalism and courtesy as you assisted me with my difficult situation. Everyone was very pleasant and respectful whom I had contact with.

avatarThis firm has been a lifesaver for my wife and I. Our homeowners insurance keeps going up each year and with a fixed income and no reduction in our mortgage payment each month we were getting to the point of possibly losing our home. Now we have a monthly payment we can afford. Thank you very much for helping us. We could have bought a home that we couldn't afford at the time with a type of mortgage that would get us in trouble but we didn't. We also still drive a 1995 car that we have owned for over 15 years just so we could afford our home. Thank you again for helping my family.

Tim and Bettie C.
avatarWe want to thank all of you at Krasker Law for allowing us to look forward to the holidays knowing that we will not be losing our home to foreclosure after all. Like so many others we had financial setbacks during the past few years and also found ourselves severely under water on the mortgage loan to value on our house. We had tried applying for loan modifications ourselves. When our own efforts failed we hired another law firm who promised success. The only thing that happened is we paid money that we already did not have. Admittedly, we were skeptical about Krasker as well; but thanks to the dedication of his team we now have a loan modification that makes our mortgage affordable and are simply waiting for the foreclosure to be officially dismissed. Last Christmas we believed it would be the last that we spent in our home and this year we are celebrating Thanksgiving with special thanks to Fabian Silnik and Mali Martinez for their diligence and perseverance. Mali was especially attentive, always keeping us informed and promptly responding to our questions. Thank you Krasker Law! May the upcoming holidays bring all of you the joy and that you have brought to us.

Emery and Gail F.
avatarIf you are facing a foreclosure don’t bother wasting your time attempting to work with the bank directly. After more than a year of trying to figure out how to solve my mortgage problem on my own, I reached out to The Home Owner Assistance Division of Paul Krasker. After my bank had filed the actual foreclosure preceding in court it seemed like my only option. I met with their intake manager, Fabian, who explained the entire process to me and for the first time I felt like someone was finally on my side. I hired them the following day and my case was assigned to George. He was extremely professional and diligent in his communications. Long story short, the firm was able to reach a final loan modification which met my requirements, the foreclosure was dismissed, and the past due funds in excess of $20,000 were waived as part of the settlement. My wife and I are very pleased with the results and would recommend this firm to anyone who needs similar assistance.

Joseph L.
avatarThank you very much for your assistance. I would have definitely lost my home if not for your firm's efforts. I should be in a position to resume payments by November.

Chris C.
avatarThank you very much for all of your assistance. I sincerely appreciate it. You have always been very helpful to me while handling my account. Although I don’t know you, I know that you are an angel sent to help and guide those that are going through difficult times. Your support has helped ease some of my pain during these hard times. Thank you so MUCH.

Mary B.
avatarThank you for your professional assistance throughout this process. You have been wonderful to work with and we would be happy to recommend you and your company to our friends.

Bob and Joyce L. from Fort Myers, FL
avatarI want to thank David DePaul and Mali Martinez for their outstanding work!!!! I was in a very difficult situation and I felt the world was caving in on me. They both came to my assistance to dig me out of this deep hole. Not only did they get me back on my feet again but they were able to correct a few issues and improved my credit score. The most important thing is they cleared up my student loan issues and I am very happy to say that I am going back to college to become an optician. This gives me new hope for my future. I am proud of these two great professionals who brought a new bright light to my life. They are amazing and I would do anything for them as well as thank Paul A. Krasker, P.A. for having them on his staff. I also want to drop a thank you to Lisa Williams for referring me to David.

Terry M.
avatarDear Ms. Vonise Blanc:
On behalf of CitiMortgage and me, we would like to thank you and your Law Office for participating in the Hardest Hit Program and for sending a monthly mortgage payment of $872.51 on my behalf so the mortgage may stay up to date. The leadership that you and your company demonstrated while assisting me with this program provided me the ability to pay my mortgage but gave me time to get back on my feet. I now have a job in the health field and can take over the mortgage payments.
Vonise, I want to commend you and your company for your willingness to help people like me that are going through a hard time. I am grateful to say that as of now my hard time is over and I am able to handle my mortgage payments again. I will recommend your service to others.

Shammine A. from Orlando Park, FL
avatarThanks to the Hardest Hit Program my mortgage is now under control. Every time I thought about how much my house was worth and what I paid for it I felt livid. It was not as if I bought a house that I could not afford, but I was struggling. I bought my house in 2005 when prices were at their highest. Thanks to the Hardest Hit Program I am now paying a more reasonable amount. The firm helped me reduce my principal by $38,000! I greatly appreciate what they have done for me.

Ava H.
avatarYou have allowed my mother, Helen, to continue to live an independent life in her own home at the age of 92! What a relief!

Rhonda M., daughter to Helen
avatarThanks to the law office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. we were able to refinance our V.A. loan and save around $400 a month! The principal on our mortgage was $114,000 before the program and was reduced to $64,000. Using my V.A. refinance I was able to reduce my mortgage from $908 a month to $511 a month. I would recommend this program to anyone who is underwater on their loan.

Amos and Brenda S. from Zephyrhills, Florida
avatarThank you so much for providing your expertise in handling my recent mortgage reduction. It has provided me peace of mind knowing that I am no longer drowning in my home and now I even have some equity. Your firm provides friendly service and the ability to explain things in layman's terms.

Bonnie L. M.
avatarAs far as I am concerned this has been a life saver for me. It lowered my mortgage payment by over $150 a month. That money I saved has increased my ability to help a family member who is struggling, for that I will forever be grateful for this program.

Marcy B.
avatarDear Ms. Vonise Blanc:

On behalf of Citimortgage and I, we like to thank you and your Law Office for participating in this ‘Hardest Hit Program’. Sending a monthly mortgage payment of $872.51 on my behalf so the mortgage stays updated and current.  You and your company leadership in this program not only paid the mortgage to the bank but also help in the community. I have a job in the health field and can take over the mortgage payments now.

Vonise, thank  you and your company and should be commended for the services, people like me  that went through a hard time. My hard time is over and I will be resume the mortgage payments again.

I will recommend your service to others.


Krasker Client
avatarHey George, I just want to thank you for all the help you have given me. Although I know we're not completely done yet. I feel that you have gone above and beyond your job, to help me thru this difficult time and really help put my mind at ease, knowing that you are willing to help me out in anyway possible. Knowing that I will be able to keep my home and continue to raise my young family is a great feeling and I have you (and your firm) to thank for that. I am very great full and appreciate all the work that you have put into this. Thank you so much

Krasker Client
avatarThey may say that our principal on our mortgage was $114,000 before the program and was reduced to $64,000. Using my V.A. refinance I was able to reduce my mortgage from $908 and month to $511.00 a month. I would recommend this program to anyone who is underwater on their loan.

Krasker Client
avatarThanks to the Hardest Hit Program my mortgage is now under control. Every time I thought about how much my house was worth and what I paid for it I would see red.  I did not go crazy and buy a house that I could not afford but thanks to the Hardest Hit Program I am paying a much more reasonable amount.   I bought my house in 2005 when prices were at their highest.  They helped me to reduce my mortgage by 38, 000.00!  I greatly appreciate what they have done for me.

Krasker Client
avatarIt was a lifesaver for my wife and I.  Our homeowners insurance keeps going up each year and without the reduction in our mortgage payment each month and due to being on a fixed income we were getting to the point of not being able to afford our home.  Now we have a monthly payment we can afford.  Thank you very much for helping us and the others out there that did everything to be honest and made our payments on time no matter what.  It is nice to see the people that deserve the help get it for a change.. We could have bought a home that we couldn't afford at the time with a type of mortgage that would get us in trouble but we didn't.  We also still drive a 1995 car we have driven for over 15 years so we could afford our home.  These people that that take out these bad loans and keep on buying things to keep up with the Jones should not be rewarded for their reckless behavior.  The banks and mortgage companies that allow them to do these thing should also be stopped from letting them.  Thank you again for helping those who deserved the help for once.


Krasker Client
avatarThank you so much for your expertise in handling my recent mortgage reduction.  It has provided me peace of mind knowing that I am no longer drowning in my home and even have some equity.  Your firm provides friendly service and the ability to explain things in layman's terms.


Krasker Client
avatarHello Lisa

Yes I can give a testimonial on how the program benefited me. As far as I am concerned this has been a life saver for lowered my mortgage payment by over $150.00 a month..that saving has given me extra money to help a family member who is struggling. I will forever be grateful for this program.

Krasker Client
avatarHello- You have allowed my mother to continue to live an independent life in her own home at the age of 92! What a relief!

Krasker Client
avatarHi Lisa,

Thank you very much for all your assistance. I really, really appreciate it. You have always been very helpful to me in handling my account. Although I don’t know you, I know that you are an ANGEL sent to help and guide those that are going through difficult times. Your support has helped easy some of my pain during these hard times.  Thank you so MUCH.

Krasker Client
avatarMs. Lisa Williams I really appreciate you for all your help. As I type this note my heart is filled with thanksgiving and my eyes filled with tears as I am thankful for the assistance Florida Hardest Hit is providing for my daughter and myself. You have made it possible for my daughter and I to continue to have a roof over our head. My daughter, Andrea is a person with disabilities and I am really thankful that she can continue to be in the comfort of our home. You see not everyone will open their home for people with disabilities. I've heard of the old saying "There is no place like home" Well that statement became more true to me than ever last year when my job of twenty-seven years was abruptly taken from me. Andrea enjoys her bedroom and her own space. Thank you so much for your help. You will never know how grateful we are. I thank God for Florida's Hardest Hit, you, Lisa Williams and every person that extended his or her hand to help others like Andrea and myself. I pray that the Lord will BLESS each of you in a mighty way!

Krasker Client
avatarWe worked with other attorneys for a home modification with no results. Over the past 12 months working with Krasker Law firm produced results. We were informed every step of the way and when we requested a meeting with the lawyer and team they were accommodating. A special thanks to Mali Martinez who was informative and instrumental in our positive results. I would recommend this firm highly without reservation.

Krasker Client
avatarI am grateful for all the work this law firm did to defend me in the foreclosure action against me. They spent time and told me what the process was and what I could expect.
While waiting on court dates, etc., they also worked on getting my loan modified. I had already tried to get a modification on my own and it was declined. However, this law office did get my original mortgage modified and the foreclosure action dismissed and saved my house.
During the process I was continuously updated by emails and phone calls. The communication was really appreciated, any questions I had were answered. It was really nice to have someone spend the time with me and talk to me about the current status, give me timelines on how long things usually take, and ease my mind during this time.
I am very grateful to everyone who worked on my case.

Krasker Client
avatarI just wanted to say thank you to everyone at The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker for your tremendous help with completing my application for aid with the Hardest Hit Fund. Having your assistance made the process bearable, and it felt much easier having you guys guide me with what I needed to do and what to expect each step of the way.
I just received my updated mortgage statement, and the amount of weight that lifted from my shoulders in realizing that I finally experienced some much needed help was incredible. I am very thankful to have had an advocate in getting through the application and approval process from start to finish, but more than that, I'm thankful that the advocates I was given were so pleasant, patient, and understanding. I have been struggling with quite a bit on my plate for some time now, and too often, the people that are in place to help are rude and dismissive of me or my specific situation, so it was refreshing to be treated like a real person and to get the help I desperately needed in a way that made me feel good about having to reach out.
Some days it was a little tough corresponding over the phone because of schedule collisions, but my calls were always returned within a few days, and e-mail correspondence has always been almost immediate.
Again, Thank you for everything.

Krasker Client
avatarUntil just recently, our property came under foreclosure, with their incredible talent they managed not only to get our property out of foreclosure but even worked out a modification program and reduction from our original property value.
Besides being a joy to work with, they took-charge, to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. They developed several plans for our property that have resulted in real savings and reductions on our new mortgage plan. During this difficult process the constant communication and updates made the whole process comfortable. They are extremely professional and courteous at all times.
I highly recommend The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. . They are team players and would make a great asset to any organization.

Krasker Client
avatarThe best decision I made was contacting the Law Office of Paul A. Krasker to assist me in a Mortgage Loan Modification. From the beginning of my relationship with this office in meeting with Fabian to discuss how the firm could assist me in obtaining my goal - a reduced monthly mortgage payment to my numerous calls and communications with George Miller, I always felt that "I was in good hands". The end result was far more than I expected. Not only did my monthly mortgage payment reduce by $700/month but they were able to negotiate a principal forgiveness on my loan in the amount of $151,241.00. In addition, the service that I received from George was exceptional. Any questions or concerns I had were handled promptly and professionally. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm to any of my family or friends that needed assistance. Thank you for all your hard work.

Krasker Client
avatarMy wife and I want to thank you and your firm for helping us keep our home. George was very professional and very helpful. Our total reduction was $109,000 and our new principal balance is $85,000 from $111,000. We are saving $400 on our monthly payment. Thank you for all your help.

Krasker Client
avatarI want to thank you for your help and effort you are putting to help me to save my house and bring peace to my family. Thank you.

Krasker Client
avatarI want to thank you for all you and your agency did for me. You guys were the best and very responsive in helping me. If it weren't for you, I might have gone into foreclosure. Again, you guys were great and very very helpful and answered all my questions in a timely manner.

Krasker Client
avatarThank you for all your hard work. I appreciate everything you and your team have done. Please keep me in the loop as things progress.

Krasker Client
avatarI just want to thank you and the HARDEST HIT FUND for everything that you have done for me so that I can keep my house God bless you.

Krasker Client
avatarWe had such a wonderful experience with Mali Martinez and your firm. From the beginning, I had trust in what I was told and that has been carried through until the end. Mali Martinez is incredibly professional and followed up with me more than what was promised to us. She definitely went above and beyond my expectations, and I never doubted that she had our best interests in mind. With her perseverance, our loan was modified using HAMP in a little over two months and we are now able to keep our home. I am very thankful for Krasker Law and what their professional team has done for our family and will refer them to everyone and anyone that has need for legal guidance.

Krasker Client
avatarThank you Sayli Sosa it was great working with you. Your firm is high on my list I will recommend to anyone I know needing the service you offer. Again thank you

Krasker Client
avatarI am very happy with your services. I did not realized that I had an interest only payment for 7 years that I had paid on my home loan. The current trial payment includes PITI which I was seeking., Have the security of a payment that includes paying down the principal and bringing my home out of a foreclosure is certainly a task well done by you and your firm.

Krasker Client
avatarWith an upside down mortgage to market value that doubled, it was impossible to sell and move on. We were trapped. Our real estate agent referred us to Krakser Law. Fabian Silnik and Mali Martinez were kind, patient, diligent, and persisitent in acting on our behalf. Our payments are now significantly less per month and more importantly, we can keep our house and our dignity. We are greateful and relieved. Give them a call. You don't need to prolong your suffering anymore.

Krasker Client
avatarI couldn't be more than satisfied with the service I received from Mali Martinez. Every question I asked was answered thoroughly where all conversations were followed by an e-mail. In addition, her promptness, knowledge, and professionalism was above the bar. I'm closing with great satisfaction and highly recommend Mr. Krasker's office.

Krasker Client
avatarI want to thank The Law Office of Paul Krasker and The Homeowner Assistance Division for saving my home. I'm saving over $400.00 a month on my new mortgage. Mali Martinez has been professional and a pleasure to work with. I have given your phone number to some of my friends that need help too.

Krasker Client
avatarThe law office of Paul A. Krasker provided great service in dealing with our loan modification. The loan mod. was approved making way for a recuded payment. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Krasker Client
avatarKrasker Law helped assist me with a loan modification for my property in Port Saint Lucie. I'm truly blessed and happy to have this staff working on my modification. I highly recommend them to everyone who could use their services. Thank you so much!

Krasker Client
avatarKrasker Law saved our home. After several years of trying to get a loan modification through other avenues, including the bank itself, it was only Krasker Law that succeeded. Thank You for saving our home.

Krasker Client
avatarI would like to thank the Law Office of Paul Krasker for assisting me with a home modification. My loan went from an interest only to a fixed rate. I am very happy with the outcome.

Krasker Client
avatarI am very pleased with the services that were rendered by Krasker. Sayli was my go to person who responded in a timely matter when the mortgage company needed new information. I received a modification from our mortgage company that will make my mortgage affordable. I hereby thank Sayli for helping us and wish her all the best.

Krasker Client
avatarI just wanted to let you know that our new mortgage just posted and we are thrilled!!  $50K wiped off the top.  Well actually $48,942 taken off the top.  They automatically took our January payment out of the $50K.  So our next payment will be in February, which will help a little for Christmas.  Our new payment has not posted yet but they said that might take a week or so until the work order goes through.  I just wanted to share this with you.  You've been an angel in our corner this Christmas.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year.  Thanks again for everything!!

Krasker Client
avatarThank you Sayli Sosa and Paul Krasker’s Office for obtaining the loan modification with Chase on time. Thank you for the
Honesty and professionalism of your office. I hope you keep helping families to save their homes the same way you helped
me and my family. Sayli thank you for the time you dedicated to the loan modification process sending emails and making phone calls.

Krasker Client
avatarI want to thank you for all the help with foreclosure defense and modification on my son's home.
It was good to know you were working on keeping the house while I was taking care of my son. I feel your law office is an honest and hard working
company and in today's world that is a very hard thing to find.
Thank you again and I will use this law office in the future if need be for others matters.

Krasker Client
avatarI am very thankful to your Law Office for all your hard work in helping me save my home. Thank you for taking my case and for helping me throughout the whole process. It was very scary for me to think that I would loose my home, and your staff was, diligent and very caring in answering all my questions and filling my needs. I had been trying to save my home for a long time and it was taking a toll on my health and my life. Your law firm was able to get me results within a year, which is something others could not accomplish. I'm very thankful to Lisa Williams for all her help and guidance, and to Sayli Sosa for her hard work in helping me save my house. Thank you for helping me through one of the hardest times of my life. You have not only helped me, but saved my children's home.

Krasker Client
avatarWe want to thank lawyer Paul krasker and his professional team, Fabian silnik , Lisandra Rodriguez
for all their help to fight the foreclosure of our home. Thanks again guys for such
good work.

Krasker Client
avatarI would like to thank Sayli Sosa for the way that she handled my loan modification. She really handled the modification in the most professional way.

Krasker Client
I want to express my sincere thanks to you, for being so helpful and easy to reach during this, for a lack of better words, uncomfortable time in our lives. My plate is over-full, at this time, of life's terms and conditions and it is nice to know you've got our back.
Without your dedication and apparent long hours of hard work, things would not be moving along as smoothly as they are. Thank you for being so quick to take my calls, return my emails, and provide me the "peace of mind" that I need.
Thank you! Thank you! Thanks you!

Krasker Client
avatarI want to take this opportunity to thank you for working very hard to help me get those benefits. I also want to say thank you to Janine and Vonise.

Krasker Client
avatarThe mod process was a nightmare before Krasker Law. Our representative provided an invaluable service by dealing with the lender on our behalf. Our confidence and peace of mind was at ease knowing our case was in the hands of professionals. I would highly recommend their services for future assistance.

Krasker Client
avatarThank you for your work in helping to save my home, my finances, and my self esteem.

Krasker Client
avatarYour help was much appreciated. I really love my home, neighborhood, and neighbors. I would have hated to lose that.

Krasker Client
avatarThe Hardest Hit program helped me tremendously. I was unemployed, and my home was in foreclosure. This program came in and saved my home! Lisa was excellent. I started with a counselor who was unconcerned of me being her client and I asked to be transferred. Lisa stepped in and was wonderful. Very informative and whenever I needed assistance she was there and went overboard to assist me. I appreciate her and the program to the utmost. I have recommended the program to others, KUDO's for the program!

Krasker Client
avatarExceeding Expectations, Dedication, Compassion, Professionalism, Rising Above. These are a few of the words that came to mind when thinking of my experience with Fabian and Mali at Krasker Law firm.
Accolades to Mali whom takes pride in her work. This dedication can be seen through the leadership of Fabian.

Krasker Client
avatarThe team over at Krasker Law is awesome. The hardest hit fund came at a time when I was ready to default on my mortgage. The team was patient, understanding and so helpful. Thanks to all you guys! No question was too small to answer. I would recommend you guys in a heartbeat!

Krasker Client
avatarI would like to thank you for helping me keep my home, I don't think I could have done it without you.
You were very helpful in the process!

Krasker Client
avatarI want to thank the Krasker Law Firm for their help in expediting the closure of the deed in-lieu of my home. Their expertise in handling and resolving my case with the bank was great. All people I came in contact with were polite and professional in dealing with unresolved ends that needed to be tied up for completion. I can't say enough about the firm.

Krasker Client
avatarThank you for all you have done for me. I really love my home and would have hated to lose it. I had alot of work done to it when I got sick to make the air better for breathing. My family bought an air purifier as well for me. Without your help I don't believe they would have modified my loan.

Krasker Client
avatarLosing my job just before Christmas was hard enough, but add in the stress and pressure of possibly losing my home where my wife and 3 kids reside was really hard. The bills were piling up, the creditors were calling daily, and in this recession, nobody was hiring. We tried 3 different loan re-modifications through our mortgage holder, but to no avail. The foreclosure seemed eminent. This was my first home, and after raising three kids here, I couldn't see it being taken from us. That's when we turned to Florida's Hardest Hit program. There was a lot of paperwork to do, and a lot of waiting for reviews and adding documents, but in the end, we were able to save our home and the stress levels dropped. My family and I can't thank you enough for saving our home,and us!

Krasker Client
avatarWhat can we say? You did something for our daughter that we could not and you helped us beyond explanation. We are now breathing a lot easier and life is back on track. We give you our deepest and sincerest thanks.

Krasker Client
avatarTony, I sincerely appreciate your hard work and time you spent on our files. Thank you for saving our home.

Krasker Client
avatarThank you so much for all of your professional guidance and legal assistance. Words cannot express our gratitude. Your kindness and compassion is a great quality.

Krasker Client
avatarI would like to take this opportunity to  sincerely thank you for your assistance throughout the application and processing of the HHF program.

Your agency was always helpful, patient, supportive and most importantly prompt in your communication. Thank you again for all your help. It

was greatly appreciated!

Krasker Client
avatarI would like to reiterate my appreciation for the level of service which you and Tony Licavoli personally provided throughout my case.  I consider you both to be incredibly valuable parts of the team which worked on my file.  You were helpful, responsive and very patient throughout the process of working with the lender’s counsel.  In particular, you played a key role in helping me to obtain essential information as to important developments.  Early on, Tony was incredibly helpful in providing crucial guidance related to the Hardest Hit Program’s requirements.  I thank you both for your support and professionalism.

Krasker Client
avatarWe would like to thank you for all of your hard work and it certainly has been a pleasure working with Lisandra Rodriguez. Your firm operates in a very professional manner and we are very happy with your services, although it has been a very long process due to dealing with the bank(s). Your office has kept us informed and has followed-up frequently with the bank(s), as stated. We are coming to the end of our representation with your firm and wrapping things up, and I am sure that process will conclude quickly and smoothly.

Thank you again for your help

Krasker Client
avatarWe really appreciate all your help and good service you gave us in such a difficult moment
in our lives.

Krasker Client
avatarThere is no law firm better than Krasker Law. They are very passionate about helping clients. We received a phone call on Fathers Day with the news for the modification and was immediately overjoyed. We have never been so happy with our accomplishments that Krasker Law provided for us. you guys were always there for us every step of the way, which we found to be of the utmost importance. The respect you guys showed us helped us with our self esteem.

Krasker Client
avatarMy HHF underwriter with your agency was Becky Draper, and she was absolutely wonderful to work with! Becky was always very polite and friendly when we spoke, she promptly returned my emails and phone calls, and she would regularly update me on the progress of my application.

Like a dream come true, my application was approved, and thanks to Becky (and Krasker Law), my wife and I will be able to avoid foreclosure and keep our beautiful home. No words could even describe how thankful we are to Becky and your agency. Anyone considering applying with the HHF, I would highly recommend utilizing the free services of Krasker Law.

Krasker Client
avatarThe whole process was good. All the calls were on time when they had to call back. Good service!

Krasker Client
avatarI can't thank-you enough for all your help you've given me. Becky Draper was so helpful and walked me through the whole process. Whenever there was a question on anything, it was always easy to reach her. I'm so grateful this program was available and so thankful that your office helped me out effortlessly!

Krasker Client
avatarTony Licavoli was a huge help to the success I had with getting my short sale closed and a full deficiency waiver. You guys held off my foreclosure for almost 2 years. I cannot express how thankful I am to you and your staff. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks again!

Krasker Client
avatarThank you for the hard work in achieving a loan modification for my home. I appreciate the time and diligence my Mali Martinez and everyone else involved.
This letter is to request a decrease in the amount that we are paying monthly, so we will be able to afford both the new loan modification payment as well as the retainer for your law firm.

Krasker Client
avatarThey helped us save our house. I am 62 years old and all I had to do was call Sayli. She was there for us during the entire process. I recommend The Law Office of Paul Krasker to anyone who may lose their home.

Krasker Client
avatarJust a note of thanks for all that your firm did to help us with our home loan modification. We were at the point of not knowing or understanding what was going to happen if we didn't make a change to our financial situation. We saw your firm mentioned on News Channel 5 and decided to give you all a call. From the very beginning you were all very informative and honest about what we were facing.
We knew that we were in good hands and had every reason to believe that you would help us get the best result possible. You walked us through the process, answered all our questions and made yourselves available whenever we needed to speak with you. While we waited for the final decision, you were consistently letting us know what was happening and made sure we were comfortable and confident that things would go well.
In fact, in the end, we achieved a result that was life-changing for us. We were able to stay in our home, feel good about our financial future and feel secure in the knowledge that we had made the best possible decision regarding our family's well-being.
I have told both friends and family what a great firm you are to do business with and I would highly recommend your services to anyone who would ask me.

Krasker Client
avatarWe are very happy to be back in our home and we are convinced that we would not have received a Modification without your employee's hard work. We were skeptical to try again to get a modification and were actually hiring your firm to have our name removed off the deed. Fabian Silnik convinced us to let your Homeowners Assistance Division Team try to get a modification. We expressed that we had hired other law firms before with no result.
George Miller has been working diligently with the servicer to obtain a modification. He has taken the time to answer all of our questions. He has been very kind, patient and personable through this whole ordeal. He has given us excellent customer service, returning our emails and phone calls promptly. He told us that he would try his best to work with Ocwen and was always professional.
Most of our contact was with George Miller and occasionally when we were in a panic to have to speak with someone immediately, Nancy was terrific to locate whoever we needed to speak to. She was always polite and helpful whether it was on the phone or in person at your office.
We will gladly refer the Paul Krasker Law firm to others.

Krasker Client
avatarI am more than happy for what you did for my family, I never thought I was able to get the reduction of the payment from $2365 down to $1356. It was my wifes dream to keep our home, she passed away ,but I know that she is in heaven, thanking you because you saved our home for our kids, We are very grateful.

Krasker Client
avatarMy wife and I would like to express our thankfulness to Florida Hardest Hit (FHH) for literally saving our lives as well as our home. I will try and keep this short; however, given the extent of generosity and professionalism displayed to me and my family, it will be difficult. Several months ago, my family and I experienced an incredible hit financially. I was laid off after doing the same work for nearly 25 years. Afterwards, I could only find part-time work which eventually went away also. We were referred to FHH. From the initial meeting, everyone was incredibly polite, helpful and optimistic in helping us. At no time did we ever feel uncomfortable or helpless. To put it mildly, your agency was extremely professional and caring.
Prior to meeting with you, our home was in foreclosure and we had no ideal how we were going to come through. Then FHH came in and everything changed for us. It was hard to accept the fact that through all the years of financially supporting my family, I was now relying on someone else for help, but through the whole process, FHH made sure I was comfortable. Now our home has been saved and we were also given a buffer (time) for me to find work and get my business up and running so that I can get back to paying our mortgage. I can breath again!

Krasker Client
avatarWe are so grateful for all the help from Krasker Law and the Florida Hardest Hit Fund. We are especially thankful for Ms. Vonice Blanc and those who helped us with all the paperwork in order to qualify. These ladies would respond so quickly and efficiently that my wife and I were truly amazed. Everyone was so cordial and professional in the way they treated us. The customer service was "outstanding".
Words cannot describe how thankful we are for helping our family save our home.
We will be forever grateful.

Krasker Client
avatarOur experience from start to finish was extraordinary. I was so upset when I lost my job because I knew the struggle to make our house payment monthly would be a hardship. Then I read in the local newspaper about the Florida's Hardest Hit program. Little did I know after applying on line that within a couple of months we would be approved. We are still just amazed at the kindness and promptness of the individuals involved in making this possible. While I continue to look for employment, I don't have to worry about losing my home. Thank you Florida's Hardest Hit.

Krasker Client
avatarI would love to thank everybody at Krasker Law, especially Becky Draper for her patience and understanding. HHF is the greatest of all programs for those in need of mortgage assistance, and you guys are one of a kind!!!!!

Krasker Client
avatarMy experience with your law firm was just great from the beginning. At no point throughout the process were there any undue delays. Becky was available every single time I had a question while she was guiding us through the HHF application. She made us feel that we had "someone in our corner" from day one which was very important from my standpoint. Her personality, drive and professionalism are things seldom seen today and my wife and I are very grateful that with the roll of the dice, she had our case.
When Becky called me to inform us that we had been approved I asked if I could send her flowers or lunch. Do you know what she said? "Kevin, you just take your wife out to dinner and congratulations!"

When I was first assigned your firm via e-mail I contacted my Uncle who is a retired State Attorney General for Deleware (Dale Stoodley) & he did some looking into your firm for me and he told me Krasker Law had an impeccable reputation. Turns out he was correct. A well deserved reputation I would say

Krasker Client
avatarThank you for the opportunity for closing on the Hardest Hit Fund. I was impressed with the warmth
and efficiency of your office staff.
Thank for Florida Hardest Fund assistance to help people like me, to be qualified and eligible to recieve the funds. In addition reinstate the mortgage and make the monthly payments.
Advisor, Vonise Blanc was knowledgeable and professional that she kept me updated every step of the
way. I already recommended your company to others that were in need of the same assistance.
All of you at the Law Office Paul Krasker Pa. are to be commended for your professionalism.
Thank you again for your services.

Krasker Client
avatarIf it were not for the Hardest Hit program, I would not have been able to retain ownership of my house and would be in foreclosure. Everyone at Paul Krasker P.A. has exhibited professionalism at every turn. I know that the case load is intensive and it is difficult to keep up with the demand. Becky has been most helpful with the paperwork and keeps in contact on a regular basis.

Thanks again for all the assistance.

Krasker Client
avatarFlorida’s HHF was referred to us by our local Chase mortgage specialist after being assigned to our loan and learning that our two month temporary forebearance was coming to an end. After researching your website and asking our mortgage rep his personal knowledge and experience, he felt confident that we would qualify for HHF but advised that the process may take a few months.
After filing the Florida’s HHF application, within a matter of one or two days, we received an email from a HHF representative, who had asked that supporting documentation be sent for further review. That same evening I gathered my documents, scanned and emailed to the HHF rep. From the date of my application, approval, payment of arrears and monthly payment all occurred within 30 days, which to me is quite remarkable. Janine Inkell and Lisa Williams answered emails very quickly and were very helpful in answering any and all questions we had.
The fact that there remains financial assistance to those in dire need is a blessing. We highly recommend Florida’s Hardest Hit. Without them, our home would probably be in foreclosure.

Krasker Client
avatarI would like to again thank you guys for all your kind and patient help. I don' t know what I would do without your help for the FlHardestHit fund. It helped me to hold onto my house. Thank you all, and Thank God!

Krasker Client
avatarThank you so much for ALL your help and support.
As you know, I was just days away from being homeless and HHF certainly saved the day. I wont be able to thank you enough.
I will be safe in the knowledge that I have a home for a full 12 months to plan the future for keeping my home indefinitely.
Thank you again.

Krasker Client
avatarOur experience with HHF was mainly with Lisa Williams. She is the epitomy of a true professional from our first contact through being accepted for the HHF program She responded quickly to any and all concerns and questions we had. She kept us informed with the status of our application throughout the process. My wife and I felt she had our backs covered.

Krasker Client

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