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Krasker Law Student Loans

Paul A. Krasker, Esq. founded the Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. on July 1, 2009 and previously was a name sharehold within the commercial department of the law firm of Moyle, Flanigan, Katz, Breton, White & Krasker, P.A. in West Palm Beach. Mr. Krasker practices in the areas of real property, business and general corporate law. His corporate practice centers on counseling businesses on entity...

Student Loan Consolidation

Student Loan is the largest debt in the United States. It is actually higher than consumer debt. Unlike consumer debt, student loan debt will not go away through bankruptcy or default. In response, there are new government programs that reduce student loan monthly payments and can even forgive a portion, if not all of the debt. The debt reduction is based on income, family size and state economic levels. There are additional benefits for those who work in a public service job, are disabled or unemployed.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of this significant help. The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. has launched a new student loan division focused on helping with the country’s massive student loan debt issue. The goal with our service is to provide the lowest monthly payment as much principal forgiveness as possible.

The process is simple to start. Our specialist provides a free analysis to determine the maximum benefit available. Should the individual wish for us to help, our specialized team can literally complete the process in 30-45 days.

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krasker law student loan consolidation

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