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Paul A. Krasker, Esq. founded the Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. on July 1, 2009 and previously was a name sharehold within the commercial department of the law firm of Moyle, Flanigan, Katz, Breton, White & Krasker, P.A. in West Palm Beach. Mr. Krasker practices in the areas of real property, business and general corporate law. His corporate practice centers on counseling businesses on entity...

Foreclosure Defense

UPDATE: New Foreclosure Defense laws have been put in place for West Palm Beach for 2014.

West Palm Beach Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Foreclosure Defense in West Palm Beach is a legal process in which a lender (bank or other financial institution) tries to obtain the balance of a loan in which the borrower has defaulted on. The lending institution attempts to force the sale of the subject property (asset), which is used as the collateral for the loan. Some of the hardest hit states and cities have seen an increase in the number of homeowners who are seeking out foreclosure defense. Florida foreclosures are more common since it’s three times the national average putting West Palm Beach high on the list for cities within Florida.
foreclosure defense for west palm beach

Through the process of foreclosure, the bank or other financial institution seeks to foreclose (terminate) or take possession of the property resulting from a breach of contract. In other words, the owner has failed to comply with an agreement between the lender and borrower called a mortgage or deed of trust. The violation of the mortgage is a default in payment of the promissory note, which is secured by a lien on the property. Once the foreclosure process has finished the lender can sell the property at public auction and keep the proceeds to pay off the subject loan. Many West Palm Beach homeowners who have sought out foreclosure defense have also been able to utilize government programs such as FL Hardest Hit Fund, HAMP, or HARP to help prevent foreclosure.

Foreclosure Defense Attorneys of The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker

Krasker Law is an experienced foreclosure defense law firm in West Palm Beach with the essential tools to provide superior customer service. Going on 25 years of experience for foreclosure defense, we know what the banks and judges are looking for.
The greatest part about our law firm is an extended division of the company, titled the Homeowner Assistance Division. HAD helps provide South Florida Homeowners with foreclosure alternatives such as loan modifications, Hardest-Hit Fund, short sales, and bankruptcy.

We are proud to help homeowners and save lives. Contact The Law Office of Paul A. Krakser today or call us at 877-332-1965.

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