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Paul A. Krasker, Esq. founded the Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. on July 1, 2009 and previously was a name sharehold within the commercial department of the law firm of Moyle, Flanigan, Katz, Breton, White & Krasker, P.A. in West Palm Beach. Mr. Krasker practices in the areas of real property, business and general corporate law. His corporate practice centers on counseling businesses on entity...

Watch Krasker Law discuss foreclosure at the Impact 5 Town Hall Meeting.

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Krasker Law Firm Overview

Paul A. Krasker, Esq. founded The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. in 2009 and has been serving Florida communities for over 25 years as a name shareholder of the law firm of Moyle, Flanigan, Katz, Breton, White, and Krasker. In the wake of the housing crisis, with Florida as one of the leaders in foreclosures, Krasker identified a need to assist Florida homeowners with distressed property and mortgage solutions. Shortly after establishing the practice, Krasker established an entire division devoted solely to mortgage assistance. He brought on a 25 year mortgage industry veteran to help create the Homeowner Assistance Division (HAD) of The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. exclusively to assist distressed homeowners with various mortgage solutions including foreclosure defense, loan modification (as part of foreclosure defense), Florida Hardest Hit Fund, or Short Sale.

Practice Areas
The team of attorneys at The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker practice law in areas such as foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, loan modifications (as part of foreclosure defense), short sales, divorce, debt settlement, student loans and real estate law. All attorneys are licensed to practice law in the state of Florida and cover 50 Florida counties.

Why Krasker Law

The lawyers and staff at Krasker Law pride themselves on providing paramount customer service and communication. A client who is in need of foreclosure defense or any other distressed property situation will receive an free, individualized plan for his or her specific situation. The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. serves almost every Florida county. Its statewide coverage has given the firm the opportunity to experience and learn from multiple jurisdictions and apply that knowledge to its clients. The Homeowner Assistance Division focuses exclusively on mortgage defense solutions and provides homeowners with an individualized approach to foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, and all other practice areas.

Our office is has considerable staffing and resources to help clients with the best chance for a permanent solution. We offer free consultations for all of our practice areas.Contact us today for your free consultation.

In the News

The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker was a proud sponsor of NBC’s Impact Five Housing Initiative. Our professionals have been regularly featured on local affiliates of NBC and Fox, as well as newspaper publications. The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. has been a knowledgeable contributor to the issues surrounding the housing affordability issues. Our experts offer assistance with a wide range of practice areas and are some of the most experienced in the area.

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